Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Roller Coaster

So, today was pretty average, sleep, wake-up, school, come home, fall asleep...
Although I did manage to pick up the floor tom for my drumset, and figure out this EQ my dad gave me for a P.A. It works fantastic, I can't wait to get in there with Dylan and Chase and make beautiful music. Buying prom tickets thursday, if I manage to get them, I'll ask the person I'm thinking of going with next week probably. Don't got a whole lot more to report, so I'll post news when I have it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just About Done

Oh btw, forgot to include some of this stuff...

ToyXCore hard at work...

Some PCB throwin up the sick ass beats...

All in all a sick day, also good practice in the field of recording, it may be sketchy but its fun and it sounds cool, maybe I'll start doing this more often.

All Of This

K, so I recorded today's band practice, (without Dylan), for practice at recording and such, I'm gonna put it up just cause. Its Pretty Rough, I'll put it Up in song by song form, and as the whole thing in case you wanna hear us talking.

For those of you who want the whole deal, including me and chase talking, click this link...


If you want to just get right to the point, I cut up the practice into full songs, sorta, so here you go...


Also, we recorded the Playdohpus, ( myspace.com/playdohpus ), and Proto-Carbon Beats split yesterday. This will be available for purchase through flaccid records, for like $1.70. Just see tyler zosky, or contact flaccid at myspace.com/flaccidrecords

Friday, March 27, 2009

Does My Breath Smell?

Alright so, a few people specifically on my mind right now, aswell as prom stuff, I suppose I got that figured out atleast getting tickets lol. Tomorrow Dan Molloy and Cruz are coming over, that should be sick. Stoked on music, all of it, everyone's band, can't wait. The only thing that's really up in the air, I guess, is who I'm taking to prom, I got some ideas but, by no means an exact plan. One girl who I met recently and she seems pretty cool, and a girl I've known for a while. I guess only time will tell, in the mean time I'll leave you with a funny picture or two, and I'll let you know who being street musicians goes tomorrow sometime.

<3 you guys,
wish we'd hang out more...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


fuck dude, everything costs money, and I have none of it. I need a job, prom, band stuff, skateboarding bleh. On a lighter note, tomorrow practice with dylan, got a new song in the works, can't wait to play this stuff live, its bugging me having this music i really like and not playing. what else, I'm assuming filming will start soon for the sequel to hey malcolm, called Mannnnnnnnnnnnn, so I'm ready to bust out some sick stuff for that and the crazy late nights, I miss all of that can't wait.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hahaha wtf am I thinking, I forgot to mention that in my lapse of blogging, Blink 182 returned to their rightful place in my heart. All sorts of tour info and other sick ass things can't fucking wait.


Ok, so I've been less than reliable with updating this here blog, but I got a handful of new stuff I might as well throw up here.

This post will be devoted to My, Dylan Molloy's, and Chase Miller's new band. We're Called The Manhattan Project, I know, I know not all that original, but it accurately describes how I feel about this new band.