Sunday, December 21, 2008

Feeling This

Ok, so its been a little while, alot has happened. Christmas is a few days around and I'm pretty pumped for the holidays and break and stuff. I've been writing songs with one of my friends and playing them at a local open mic night, anything I can do to stay musical since the break down of the 1up kids, . I enjoy playing music and it seems to be a whole new game doing it on my own, so we'll see how that pans out. In other news I started hanging out with a certain girl I used to have a bit of a crush on, I really think I like her again, and at the very least I very much enjoy hanging out with her. I've also been hanging out with some old friends again lately, its also cool to be reminded people remember who you are. Thats about it for now, I'll make sure to have an update on this after christmas at least. Merry Christmas and such.