Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shut Up

End of the years but a few weeks away, so I pretty much have no idea what is going on. I feel like this day would never ever come, and here it is. Home life is sucking a dick tho, constant arguing and fighting with my mother, being cut off from music for the most part, and watching my future stumble towards me. Its hard not to cut myself off and remain apathetic to deal with the tremendous fear I have of my future. If my life this far, feels this alone, I'm very frightened of the future. It feels like my life up until this point was merely training and attaining skills to deal with this, but how do I apply this to real life? Who the fuck knows, it appears that this is nothing more than a clumsy ritual repeated by teens throughout history. Now its is my turn, this ought to be interesting. Just a thought.